ADHD: Parents’ guide

ADHD: Parents' guideThe “ADHD: Parents’ Guide” is a resource booklet designed to provide parents and carers with information and support for understanding and supporting their child with ADHD. Whether parents are just starting to consider the possibility of their child having ADHD or their child has already been diagnosed, this booklet provides valuable insights and tips.

The author, an experienced practitioner from the ADHD Foundation, shares common questions and enduring myths about ADHD and provides practical strategies to help parents and carers offer the best support possible. The guide aims to help parents and carers ensure that their child with ADHD thrives and lives successfully by dispelling common misunderstandings and offering evidence-based advice. The booklet is an essential resource for any parent or carer who wants to better understand and support their child with ADHD.


Being an informed parent
Speaking up and seeking support
Loving and nurturing your child
Talking about ADHD with your child
Understanding the language and
words used by professionals
Emotion and organisation
Clear and open communication
Managing stress
ADHD and teenagers
Co-occurrence with other conditions
Sleep and ADHD
Diet and ADHD


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