My Story: Emotion Worksheets for Children with Imprisoned Loved Ones

My Story: Emotion Worksheets for Children with Imprisoned Loved Ones“My Story: Emotion Worksheets for Children with Imprisoned Loved Ones” is an empathetic and practical resource designed to support children navigating the complex emotions associated with having a family member in prison. Developed with the insight from Families Outside, the only national charity in Scotland dedicated solely to supporting families affected by incarceration, this workbook aims to help young people understand and express their feelings through guided exercises and storytelling.

The workbook features Katie’s story, a young girl dealing with her father’s imprisonment. Through her narrative, children are invited to explore their own emotions, questions, and experiences. The workbook is structured around several chapters, each addressing different aspects of having an incarcerated loved one, such as understanding prison, coping with school, and managing a range of emotions. Each chapter includes exercises that prompt children to write letters, describe their feelings, draw, and ask questions to help them articulate their thoughts and emotions.


  • Encourages Self-expression: Provides a safe space for children to express their emotions, questions, and thoughts related to their loved one’s incarceration.
  • Offers Support and Understanding: Helps children feel less isolated by sharing the story of someone in a similar situation, promoting empathy and connection.
  • Facilitates Coping Skills: Guides children through exercises designed to help them cope with their emotions and situations more effectively.
  • Educational: Provides insights into prison life, helping demystify aspects that may be confusing or scary for children.
  • Promotes Open Communication: Encourages children to communicate their feelings with trusted adults, aiding in their emotional and psychological well-being.

How It Can Be Used:

  • At Home: Families can use this workbook to help children express and work through their emotions related to having an imprisoned family member.
  • In Schools and Educational Settings: Teachers and counsellors can incorporate this resource into their work with children who are dealing with these challenges, facilitating group discussions or individual reflection.
  • Support Groups: This workbook can be a valuable tool in support groups for children with imprisoned loved ones, providing structured activities to explore their feelings and experiences together.
  • Therapeutic Settings: Therapists working with children affected by familial imprisonment can use the exercises as part of their therapy sessions, helping to guide conversations and therapeutic activities.

“My Story: Emotion Worksheets for Children with Imprisoned Loved Ones” stands out as a compassionate and vital resource for children and families navigating the painful reality of having a family member in prison. By offering a blend of storytelling, guided exercises, and factual information, it provides much-needed support, helping children feel understood and less alone in their experiences.


Child Impact Assessment – Arrested/Imprisoned Mother

The Child Impact Assessment is designed to support children and young people affected by having a mother involved with the criminal justice system, whether due to arrest, court proceedings, imprisonment, or release. It provides a structured way for children to express their feelings, ask questions, and identify support needs, acknowledging the wide range of emotions they might experience, from sadness and anxiety to confusion and anger. This assessment aims to ensure that the voices of these children are heard and that they receive the necessary help and support during challenging times.

Child Impact Assessment - Arrested Imprisoned Mother-thumbnail

Mum’s the Word: A Guide to Being a Good Mum in Prison

“Mum’s the Word: A Guide to Being a Good Mum in Prison” is a comprehensive resource published by the Prison Advice and Care Trust. This guide, crafted with insights from mothers in HMP Eastwood Park and HMP Bronzefield, aims to assist imprisoned mothers in maintaining strong bonds with their children. It covers a wide range of topics, including coping with the initial shock of imprisonment, ways to maintain contact with children, navigating the prison system to benefit family relationships, and preparing for release. Emphasising honesty, maintaining family ties, and leveraging prison resources for personal development, it serves as an invaluable tool for mothers seeking to fulfill their parental role despite the constraints of imprisonment.

Mum's the Word: A Guide to Being a Good Mum in Prison