Pre-Birth Assessment Tool

The Pre-Birth Assessment Tool is a resource designed to support professionals in thoroughly examining various factors related to a mother’s pregnancy and the overall circumstances of the family. The tool aims to identify and address any potential issues that could have a significant negative impact on the child.

This assessment tool is built upon the framework developed by Martin C Calder, as outlined in the publication “Unborn Children: A Framework for Assessment and Intervention.” It provides a structured approach for professionals to gather comprehensive information and analyse the situation surrounding the unborn child and their family.

The tool covers several key areas that are crucial in understanding the child’s context:

1. Introduction: Provides an overview of the purpose and usage of the Pre-Birth Assessment Tool.
2. Pre-Birth Assessment: Guides professionals through the assessment process, which involves considering a range of factors related to the mother’s pregnancy and the family’s circumstances.
3. Summary of child and family history: Documents the child’s background, including any previous or ongoing involvement with professionals.
4. The unborn child’s health and development: Focuses on evaluating the physical and developmental well-being of the unborn child.
5. Parenting of the child/young person: Explores the parenting practices and abilities of the child’s caregivers.
6. The unborn child’s home and community: Examines the living environment and the broader community context in which the child will be raised.
7. Social Worker’s analysis: Provides an opportunity for the social worker to analyse and synthesise the gathered information to assess the current situation.