Calm Harm – Mobile App to manage self-harming

Calm Harm - Mobile App to manage self-harming

Calm Harm is a mobile app designed to assist individuals in managing or resisting the urge to self-harm. The app provides a private and password-protected space for users to access various tasks and techniques aimed at coping with self-harming behaviors.

The app categorises tasks into four main areas that target the underlying reasons for self-harm:

  1. Distract: This category offers activities that help individuals combat the urge to self-harm by promoting self-control and redirecting attention elsewhere.
  2. Comfort: Tasks in this category focus on fostering self-care and providing alternative ways to cope with difficult emotions, encouraging individuals to choose nurturing behaviors over self-harm.
  3. Express: This category encourages users to express their feelings in alternative ways, such as through writing, drawing, or other creative outlets, providing a healthier means of emotional expression.
  4. Release: Tasks in this category aim to provide safe alternatives to self-injury, offering techniques and activities that allow individuals to channel their distress into healthier coping mechanisms.

Developed by Dr. Krause, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, in collaboration with the organization stem4, the app draws on ideas from Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), an evidence-based therapy. It helps users identify and manage their emotional state effectively, promoting positive outcomes.

While the app is designed as a supportive tool, it is important to note that it is not a substitute for professional treatment. The app allows users to track their progress, empowering them to monitor their journey towards managing self-harming behaviors.

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The stem4 Calm Harm app is available as a free download:

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