The Grit Guide for Teens: A Workbook to Help You Build Perseverance, Self-Control & a Growth Mindset

“The Grit Guide for Teens” is a valuable workbook designed to help teenagers build essential character traits such as perseverance, self-control, and a growth mindset. The guide introduces the concept of grit and its importance in achieving long-term goals, viewing obstacles as challenges to overcome rather than reasons to quit. It emphasizes the ability to stick with things that matter and the determination needed to face setbacks or challenges.

As a teenager navigating through academic pressures, extracurricular activities, family obligations, and social dynamics, developing grit becomes vital for success and personal growth. This workbook breaks down the process of cultivating grit into step-by-step instructions and provides activities to apply these principles to various aspects of life. Throughout the workbook, the author, a cognitive-behavioral psychologist, draws on positive psychology research to provide practical and evidence-based strategies for enhancing grit.

The workbook’s interactive nature engages teenagers in self-reflection, goal-setting, and skill-building, encouraging them to embrace challenges and grow as individuals. With its comprehensive approach and practical exercises, “The Grit Guide for Teens” empowers teenagers to develop essential life skills, embrace perseverance, and foster a growth mindset, ultimately leading to personal success and well-being.


Chapter 1: Understanding Grit: Grit 101

  • Activity 1. What Is Grit?
  • Activity 2. How Much Grit Do I Have?
  • Activity 3. Where Do I Need To Be Grittier?
  • Activity 4. Your Formula for Grit
  • Activity 5. Making Grit Matter

Chapter 2: Developing a Gritty Mind-Set

  • Activity 6. Your Two Minds: Connecting to Your Future Self
  • Activity 7. Uncovering Your Thinking Traps
  • Activity 8. Goodbye Pessimism, Hello Optimism
  • Activity 9. Nurturing a Growth Mind-Set
  • Activity 10. The Power of Yet
  • Activity 11. Seeing Failure as an Opportunity for Growth
  • Activity 12. Let’s Review Our Gritty Mind-Set

Chapter 3: Developing Gritty Behavior

  • Activity 13. Setting Effective Goals
  • Activity 14. Practicing Makes Perfect
  • Activity 15. Putting What You Want to Achieve Front and Center
  • Activity 16. Developing Self-Control: How to Not Eat the Marshmallow
  • Activity 17. Making Grit a Habit
  • Activity 18. Let’s Review Our Gritty Behavior

Chapter 4: Overcoming Barriers to Grit

  • Activity 19. Connecting to Your Values and Finding a Sense of Purpose
  • Activity 20. Encouraging Mindfulness and Gratitude
  • Activity 21. Coping with Stress
  • Activity 22. Finding Your Cheerleader and Building a Community of Grit
  • Activity 23. Putting It All Together: Grit for Life


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