Understanding mental health problems booklet

Understanding mental health problems booklet-thumbnailThis booklet is an introduction to the most common mental health problems, explaining what they are, their possible causes and what help is available. It is written for people who have a mental health problem, and their friends and family.

The guide has a friendly, reassuring tone and stresses that recovery is possible. Key messages are: mental health problems are common human experiences; help and support are available; focus on self-care and lifestyle changes as well as formal treatment; be open about your feelings and experiences to help tackle stigma; friends and family play a vital role in recovery.

Overall, this is a comprehensive guide to help those experiencing mental health problems understand what’s happening, know what help is available, and feel empowered on the journey to recovery. It’s a useful starting point for anyone struggling with their mental health or supporting someone who is.


What are mental health problems?
What types are there?
What else might I experience?
How can I deal with stigma?
What treatments are available?
What support is available?
Will I recover?
How can other people help?
Useful contacts