After a Loved One Dies – How children grieve & how they can be supported (booklet)

Because children and teens understand death differently from adults, their reactions may be different. Some of the things they say or do may seem puzzling.

This guide reviews how children grieve and how parents and other caring adults can help them understand death better. It offers suggestions for helping children cope. These suggestions are not meant to rush children through their grief or turn them into adults before their time. Rather, they will give them an understanding they can use now, as children, to grieve in a healthy and meaningful way.


  • Helping children, helping the family
  • Helping children cope over time
  • Why a parent’s role is important
  • Getting help
  • Helping children understand death
  • Taking care of yourself
  • How children respond to death
  • Attending funerals and memorials
  • Looking to the future

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