The ‘Hurt Yourself Less’ Workbook – self-harm prevention & recovery

“This book is for you – if you self-harm or feel at risk from self-harm. By self-harm we mean any activity that you do to yourself that is not kind or hurts yourself. For many people this is cutting, burning, overdosing, alcohol – but it could be anything from relationships to computer games. Only you can decide what is and isn’t.

This book is to help you explore and understand it. It’s not a 12-step programme, it’s not got the answers but it helps you look for them. It’s hard work. While you are using it, if it is too difficult take a break. Put it down forever if that’s best. You might choose to use just parts of it. You might want to do bits again and again. Whatever helps you make your picture is right for you.

It’s not designed to be worked through with professionals but if you do want to share anything from it, choose what you want and whom you want to share it with.”

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Who is it for?
Your self-harm now
Looking after you and your injury
Managing other people’s responses
Your self (the difficult bit)
The room – you in your environment
When you feel like harming
The first time
Your injury notes (confidential) 
For workers, carers and concerned others
You have survived
Moveable/multiple sections
Hearing voices, seeing visions, other unusual
Experiences and self-harm
Where are you now 1?
Where are you now 2?
First aid
Resource list

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