Healthy Relationships for Teens Booklet

Healthy Relationships for Teens BookletHealthy Relationships for Teens is a comprehensive workbook designed by Big Brothers Big Sisters of America to help teenagers understand and build healthy relationships. This resource covers various aspects of relationships, including respect, handling disagreements, setting boundaries, understanding consent, and feeling safe from harm. It provides practical advice, reflective questions, and real-life examples to guide teens in developing positive and supportive connections with peers, family members, and mentors.

The workbook emphasises the importance of safety and mutual respect in all relationships. It encourages teens to communicate openly, resolve conflicts without violence, and respect each other’s boundaries. Additionally, it offers strategies to handle unhealthy situations and seek support when needed. The goal is to empower teens with the knowledge and skills to cultivate healthy, fulfilling relationships that contribute to their overall well-being and personal growth.


Healthy Relationships for Teens is ideal for:

  1. Teenagers: This workbook is specifically designed for young people navigating the complexities of adolescent relationships. It addresses common challenges and provides age-appropriate guidance.
  2. Parents and Guardians: Adults seeking to support their teens in developing healthy relationships will find this resource valuable for initiating conversations and providing guidance.
  3. Educators and Mentors: Teachers, counsellors, and mentors can use this workbook as a tool to educate and support teens in understanding and practising healthy relationship behaviours.
  4. Youth Organisations: Groups and organisations that work with teens can incorporate this workbook into their programs to promote positive relationship skills among young people.

Practical Applications

Healthy Relationships for Teens can be used in various settings to promote healthy relationship skills:

  1. Individual Reflection: Teens can work through the exercises and questions independently, allowing them to reflect on their own experiences and relationship patterns.
  2. Family Discussions: Parents and guardians can use the workbook as a basis for discussions with their teens, helping to reinforce the concepts of respect, consent, and safety at home.
  3. Classroom Activities: Educators can integrate the workbook into their curriculum, using it to facilitate group discussions, role-playing scenarios, and interactive activities that reinforce the principles of healthy relationships.
  4. Counselling Sessions: Counsellors and therapists can use the workbook with their teen clients to explore relationship issues and develop strategies for improvement.
  5. Peer Group Workshops: Youth organisations can organise workshops or group sessions where teens can work through the workbook together, sharing insights and supporting each other’s learning process.

By providing practical advice and engaging activities, Healthy Relationships for Teens equips young people with the tools they need to build and maintain positive, respectful, and supportive relationships. This resource is essential for any teen seeking to navigate the challenges of adolescence with confidence and resilience.