Developmental Trauma Close Up Information Booklet

Developmental Trauma Close Up Information Booklet
The booklet is a valuable resource for parents, caregivers, professionals, and adults supporting children who have experienced childhood trauma or loss. It provides insights and guidance to help understand and address the challenges faced by these children. It acknowledges the profound and complex difficulties observed in vulnerable children and offers strategies based on current evidence and thinking. It also resonates with adults who have experienced similar childhood experiences.

The focus is on reframing the “problems” as “wise adaptations” and exploring the concept of Developmental Trauma. The impacts of Developmental Trauma, such as sensory development, dissociation, attachment, emotional and behavioral regulation, cognition, self-concept, and mental health, are explained. The booklet offers hope and practical suggestions for repairing early trauma, emphasising the importance of self-care, safety, emotional regulation, and connection. It encourages a holistic approach to healing and acknowledges the potential for positive growth and recovery.

Topics included:

  • Who can suffer developmental trauma?
  • It’s not all about what happened
  • What is Developmental Trauma?
  • The seven impacts of Developmental Trauma: Sensory Developmen, Dissociation, Attachment Development, Emotional Regulation, Behavioral Regulation, Cognition, Self-Concept & Identity Development
  • Mental Health
  • When a Traumatised Child Becomes an Adult
  • The Good News!
  • What can I do as a parent/carer? Survival/Self Care, Safety & Mastery, Regulation of Emotions,  Calming or Alerting the Brainstem, Repair, Connection, Going Backwards To Go Forwards. 


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