Programme for victims and survivors of domestic abuse

The Power to Change booklet provides advice on how to set up and run support groups for victims and survivors of domestic violence. Click here to view/download Contents: Chapter 1: Introduction to support and self-help groups for survivors of domestic violence 1.1. Introduction 1.2. Development…

Intervention workbook for addressing domestic abuse perpetrators

Structured Intervention to Address Domestic Abuse (SIADA), which this workbook is based on, is a a piece of work which aims to address the behaviour of perpetrators of Domestic Abuse against partners or ex partners. It can be delivered on an individual or small group basis….

Coping with domestic abuse: Booklet for CHILDREN aged 6 to 12

The information in this booklet is meant to help children and their parents who live with domestic abuse. It is hoped that it will help them to understand what is happening and will encourage them to talk to other people who can help. Contents: What…

Helping teenagers to cope with Domestic Abuse booklet

It is hoped that the information in this booklet will in some way help teenagers and parents to live a life free from violence and abuse. It will also help parents to understand: • The ways domestic abuse affects young people and their development. •…

Children and Domestic Violence Fact Sheet Series

A set of 10 fact sheets created for parents whose children have been affected by domestic violence. The sheets cover the following topics: How Does Domestic Violence Affect Children? Celebrating Your Child’s Strengths Before You Talk to Your Children: How Your Feelings Matter Listening and…

Duluth Using Children Post Separation Power and Control Wheel

The wheel depicts the commonplace tactics which perpetrators of domestic abuse use to continue their abuse during the post-separation period. The wheel especially focuses on how children are involved in the post-separation abuse and how they are affected by it. A description of the wheel can…

Domestic Violence Safety Plan (6 pages)

A personalised safety plan is a way of helping a woman to protect her and her children during domestic abuse incidents. It helps plan in advance for the possibility of future violence and abuse. It assists the woman to think about how she can increase…

Managing jealousy leaflet

A 4-page leaflet providing information on how to spot when jealousy is excessive and providing 10 tips how to address it.

The Power and Control Wheel (The Duluth Model)

The Power and Control Wheel is a tool that helps explain the different ways an abusive partner can use power and control to manipulate a relationship. Social workers can use it to help a victim recognise any of the warning signs in their own relationship.

The Equality Wheel (The Duluth Model)

The Equality Wheel describes the qualities involved in healthy relationships. The Equality Wheel shows the changes needed for men who batter to move from being abusive to non-violent partnership. It is best used with the Duluth Power and Control Wheel.