Teach Kids About Autism: Kit for Kids Engaging Programme

Teach Kids About Autism Kit for Kids Engaging ProgrammeThe “Teach Kids About Autism: Kit for Kids” is an engaging program designed to educate elementary and middle school students about autism and promote inclusivity in the classroom. The kit includes various resources aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of autistic peers among students.

At the heart of the program is the illustrated booklet “What’s Up with Nick?” which tells the story of a new student named Nick, who is on the autism spectrum, from the perspective of a typical peer. This colorful and kid-friendly booklet helps children recognize that autistic students may have different ways of thinking and may require certain accommodations, but they are equally valuable members of the school community.

The program provides materials and resources for educators to effectively implement the lessons, including a lesson plan, small classroom poster, and lesson tips sheet. Additionally, the kit includes 20 booklets for distribution to students, allowing them to read and discuss the story of Nick together.

To further support learning, the kit offers online resources such as the Autism Tuned In website, an online introductory video, activity workbooks for different grade levels, and friendship tip sheets. These supplemental materials help reinforce the concepts introduced in the booklet and provide additional information for students to explore.


What’s In the Kit