Baby Wants… (Booklet)

This easy read booklet for parents encourages them to do simple things like playing, reading and singing to help develop their young child. Click here to view/download

ASQ:SE-2 Social-Emotional Development Guide (Sheets for parents)

This colorful, 9-page guide outlines a dozen or more important milestones for social-emotional development of children at the age of 2 to 60-months. The sheets can support social workers’ discussion with parents about their children’s social-emotional development. Click here to view/download  

The Pregnancy Book – Guide

This book provides information on many aspects of pregnancy, labour and childbirth and the first weeks after child’s birth. Contents: Becoming pregnant Now you are pregnant How your baby develops Getting to know your baby Your health in pregnancy Antenatal care Conditions and problems in…

Is it legal? A parents’ guide to the (UK) law

This booklet is for parents and carers. Its aim is to help them know when the law has something to say about their families’ day-to-day lives. Equally important, it helps them know the limits of the law. It is a reminder that whilst law permeates…

All Babies Count: Support for Parents (Guide)

All Babies Count explores the challenges that new parents face and the vulnerability of babies. The leaflet offers advice and suggestions to enable parents to start their life together in the right way to help their child become confident, happy and healthy. Includes advice on…

Help keep children safe online (guide for parents)

This easy-to-read guide provides information and guidance that parents need to keep their child safe online. It guides the parents to talk to their child and discuss the potential safety issues, get the family involved and being proactive in seeking further support and advice.

How to deal with anger booklet

Many people have trouble managing their anger. This is for anyone who wants to learn how to deal with it in a constructive and healthy way. It is also for anyone with a friend or family member who has problems with anger.

The safe parenting handbook

Handbook containing information and advice to help parents deal successfully with various issues which can affect children such as: Babysitting Bedwetting & sleeping difficulties Bullying Child protection Childminding & daycare Children left alone Children with disabilities Choosing children’s activities Domestic abuse Don’t shake the baby…

Positive Discipline: A Guide for Parents

This 64-page colourful guide provides information and tools to help parents understand the common parenting experiences they may have, from the time their child is an infant through the early grade school years. The strategies in this booklet promote positive development in children and positive parent-child relationships. CONTENT…