Three Islands Activity guidance, template & record sheets

‘Three islands’ is a fun direct work activity which enabels social workers and other practitioners to establish what and who children they work with like and what or who they don’t like or are worried about. The child is asked to draw a picture of…

Feelings faces: How do you feel today?

A poster with 60+ faces depicting a range of emotions which can be used during 1:1 direct work with children and young people. Click here to view/download

My Feelings Colouring Chart

My feelings colouring chart enables children to indicate how happy they are in the areas of friends, home, hobbies, school, family and all about you. Click here to view/download

30+ tools for 1:1 work with children (assessment, planning & intervention)

The Kids Central Toolkit aims to provide workers and services with information, resources and tools to use child-centred approaches in their work with children, young people and families. The Toolkit is based around six key principles that support child-centred practice, and each principle includes a…

My feelings workbook: naming & exploring emotions

The workbook enables workers to explain the meaning of various emotions/feelings and promotes a conversation with children about in which situations they experience the discussed emotion. Click here to view/download

Children’s Participation Toolkit for Social Workers (activities & worksheets)

The booklet contains various activities, worksheets and templates assisting social workers and early help workers to involve children in the process of assessments, intervention planning as well as conducting reviews in a positive, supportive and enabling way. Click here to view/download Chapter 1 – Contents, acknowledgements…

Child Protection: Consultation with children toolkit

This beautifully illustrated guide describes various interactive techniques which social workers can use to engage children in a child protection process. The booklet not only provides various tips on activities which can be used but also contains a range of tools which professionals can print out. Contents: 1….

How it looks to me (Assessing wishes & feelings worksheets)

‘How it looks to me’ is an interactive and colourful booklet developed by CAFCASS to help social workers assess a child’s wishes and feelings. The Child Impact Tool is a resource to help vulnerable children describe how any continuing significant harm they have experienced is affecting their life….

Explore your emotions – coloring & activity book

This coloring book was designed to encourage children to share their feelings with an adult. The children are encouraged to talk/write about what makes them happy, upset and worried; about things they like to do by themselves or with their family and who they like…

All about me booklet (21 pages)

This 21-page colourful booklet with various worksheets is great for direct work with children. It enables social workers to assess and discuss the following areas of a child’s life: How I Grow and Develop • Being healthy • Learning to be responsible • Learning and achieving…

About Me Sentence Completion

The questions on this worksheet are intended to enable a social worker to gain an insight into whether a child can identify their own positive traits and accomplishments. If a child has difficulty to think of answers to some questions, a practitioner or parent can take the opportunity…

The Three Houses templates

The three houses template enables social workers to discuss a child’s likes/hobbies/strengths/protective factors, dislikes/worries & risks related to the child and dreams/hopes/wishes. A social worker can either ask a child to draw/write things to each house or assist them in doing so. TEMPLATES TO DOWNLOAD…

Face Emotions Sheet

Social workers may use this sheet to identify various emotions a child may be feeling. They can also use it to ask a child when was the last time they felt a particular emotion or what usually makes them feel that way. This will give them a…

Feelings Board Game

A printable board game. The game enables social workers and other practitioners to gain good insight into a child’s feelings and life while having a lot of fun playing the game. Click here to view/download 

All About Me Worksheets: Gaining wishes & feelings of children; 16 pages

A very nice colourful 16-page “All About Me” booklet which enables social workers to gain inormation about a child’s family,  likes and dislikes, life events, wishes and feelings and needs. WORKSHEETS INCLUDED: About me About my family Helping my family My journey My life Things that make…